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AMD heeft details vrijgegeven over zijn nieuwe generatie serverprocessors met Zen-architectuur. Stage three is the APU launch, focusing mainly on mobile parts. For now, we are going to just zero in on the Epyc X86 . Su also showed off an Epyc package.

AMD CEO Lisa Su announced that the new chips are branded EPYC, and she held one of the massive chips in her hands . Сегодня, кроме прочего, были представлены и серверные процессоры AMD Epyc, которые мы знаем под кодовым именем Naples.

For the server, AMD has a new platform called Epyc that it hopes will revive interest in its server products. Naples -based processors are branded as EPYC. These processors are built on the same Zen architecture as Ryzen, and will be delivered in models with up to 32-cores, boasting what AMD. Мы уже знаем, что они получат до вычислительных ядер и смогут обрабатывать до логических потоков . Advanced Micro Devices will announce the first server processor based on its Zen xcore at the Open Compute Project event here this week. I och med arkitekturen Zen är AMD tillbaka i prestandasegmentet och det första steget blev med Ryzen, som med upp till kärnor och trådar riktar sig mot privatpersoner.

AMD is giving the world a peak at its upcoming high-performance CPU for servers, codenamed Naples. This new CPU is built to scale across the cloud datacenter and traditional on-premise server configurations. Intel should be very worried.

In fact, its dominance in this market is so absolute . New TRboards came with such outrageous prices that might change ThreadRipper equation significantly. Chips themselves seem reasonably price. Keine Woche nach dem Start der Zen-Architektur mit Ryzen hat AMD auch einen Ausblick auf den größeren Bruder für Server gegeben: Naples. Die bisher präsentierten Eckdaten und Benchmarks hinterlassen einen guten Eindruck. When we first spilled the details . AMD сделала первый официальный шаг к возвращению на серверный рынок, опубликовав анонс процессоров Naples.

Deze week stond in het teken van de AMD Ryzen CPU. Maar er was meer dan alleen de nieuwe desktop flagship. Zij gaan zich nu ook richten tot de server markt. These processors were designed around the same Zen architecture as Ryzen though they will be a great deal more powerful. I am not hiding that fact in any way shape or form.

Purpose- built to disrupt the status-quo and to scale across the cloud datacenter and traditional . MojoKid writes: AMD lifted the veil this morning on architecture details and performance expectations of its next generation Zen-based server platform, codenamed Naples. Reuters is the news and media division of Thomson Reuters. The processors will fea.