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At95e tracking force

The half-inch standard mount AT95E phonograph cartridge offers outstanding clarity and detail. Reviewers have rated this affordable, high-performance cartridge as a best buy value. Post by Dolphin04:18.

The factory manual recommends grams, but I set mine to 1. Is this a good setting, or should I go higher or lower?

I was also wondering about arm height. I made sure my tonearm was balanced before adding 1. I think I finally found the optimal AT95E tracking force : vinyl. I have fitted an AT95e to my Ittok LPas a stop gap to deciding on a better cartridge and am finding it difficult to balance out the arm as the AT is quite lite.

The counter weight is siting practically on the bearing housing and am having to dial in more down force on the dial to reach gram down force. I yielded best at 2. It is now broken in and I readjusted two days ago to 1.

Its all personal opinion but optimum for this cart is right around 2g. AT-LP1newbie question. Meer resultaten van forums. Tracking force range: 1. Vertical tracking angle: 20° Coil impedance at 1kHz : 2. Ohms Coil inductance at 1kHz : 4mH.

Perhaps tonearm cartridge resonance issues, precise overhang adjustment and possibly most likely, vertical tracking angle or VTA. None of my turntables have allowed provision for adjustment of VTA except by the addition of shims etc. Follow Ups: Re: correct weight for Audio Technica AT95e ? This one is awesome, though! Simple needle tracking force configuration. I see that the AT100E has a lower recommended tracking force (optimal: grams) vs the AT95E (around grams).

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Most turntables have an. Set the counterweight scale to zero and dial in 2g (recommended tracking force ). Check with a digital stylus balance and the markings prove to be way off.

Replacement Stylus: ATN95E. The humble Audio Technica AT95E is a cartridge that has been around for decades. The cartridges have high specifications, 5. Re: AUDIO TECHNICA AT95E VS GRADO BLACK.

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