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Clickshare barco

Connect the Button to share from your laptop. Or use the free ClickShare app for mobile devices – available for Android and iOS. Get a quote Where to buy? Creativity is one of the core assets of your organization. With ClickShare , you can make sure ideas receive the attention they deserve.

No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in.

The result is that all participants are involved more intensely in the decision-making process. Coupling extreme simplicity with an unmatched user experience, everybody who has used ClickShare is immediately hooked. ClickShare makes connecting to the meeting room¡¯s video system a matter of clicking a button. This one click wonder not only helps the presenter get the presentation on-screen in a secon but it also allows the other people in the meeting to participate more actively. This is done using the unique ClickShare Button, or by . You can simply connect a button to the PC or Mac . Deze innovatieve oplossing verhelpt het gedoe met het aansluiten van uw laptop op tablet op de aanwezige audiovisuele apparatuur en stelt u in staat om binnen.

To help you make the right choice for your needs, we want to give a fair comparison between the two.

Both are quality cableless HDMI solutions tailored for professional use. Unlike products like Chromecast and Apple TV, Clickshare and . With a single click, you transform a meeting into a complete sharing experience. При использовании ClickShare для подключения к видеосистеме конференц- зала достаточно нажать кнопку, при этом устраняются ряд распространенных проблем, которые часто возникают у миллионов людей при проведении презентаций в переговорных помещениях. Эта “волшебная” кнопка не только . Met de ClickShare CSE20 kun je ervoor zorgen dat de ideeën de aandacht krijgen die ze verdienen. Dit draadloze presentatie-systeem stelt gebruikers in staat om . ClickShare The essence of a meeting is people coming together to collaborate.

How often has the hassle of switching the video cable prevented you from sharing something? Discover the one click wireless video display solution for meetings and presentations. Your content will be automatically formatted and added to the composition of a central display. Another Clickshare solution for for small to medium sized meeting rooms! CSE-2Wireless presentation system.

Полнофункциональная беспроводная система презентаций для крупных конфренц-залов и переговорных комнат. В комплекте: базовый блок, USB-кнопки. Подключение до кнопок к базовому устройству.

До 4-х презентаций участников на экране одновременно.