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Clickshare mac problem

Hi Max, we tested macOS High Sierra public beta and it worked fine. Any solution to this problem yet? Clickshare are really catching on in Sweden where I do most of my work.

More and more conference rooms are being equipped with it. I really need to see the the presenters view in powerpoint since thats where I keep my notes. You can avoid clicking on the ClickShare client software every time you insert a Button, by installing the. Instea I have to load Reflector on my Mac , with a clickshare button attached ( sharing the Mac with clickshare ) and then Reflecting my iPad onto my Mac.

Boot your mac in the safe mode (Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold down the Shift key The reason for what you probably have the message impossible to remove a protected app is caused by the fact that the application is running (I had the same problem ). Latest update on firmware updates for IOS Airplay functionality: IOS 10: October for CSE and CSC, November for CSMs Sierra: available now for download for CS and CSE, CSM and CSC mid October: CSE2update CS1update. A ClickShare CSE-2firmware v1. No response to any of the Mac OS Sierra compatibility issues ? Silence is not an option. When ever we connect an apple mac book to the system the transmitted picture drops out and. Zorg er ook voor dat WIFI aan staat en . Plug the ClickShare button into one of your USB ports and click the button.

To resolve this the Court will need to update the ClickShare base unit. Here we explain more about this . You will need to setup the output of the audio on your laptop to ClickShare for the audio to play on the speakers in the room. Apple Mac OS X: Use the ClickShare button and display your laptop to the screen in the room. You click on a regularly used application only to find that it will not launch ? Mac OS X Dock or simply providing no feedback whatsoever. There are a number of potential solutions for this problem , ranging from simple and relatively quick to more . Die ClickShare -Systeme sind einfach zu bedienen.

Falls Sie dennoch über ein Problem stolpern, erhalten Sie hier Hilfestellungen. Barco ClickShare Software Download Installation Instructions for Windows. You may install the software by clicking on the link on the AHC Website or by going directly to the Barco Website. From the AHC Website: 1. Click on the link for either the Windows or Mac installation depending on your laptop operating system.

I removed the HDMI cable from the adapter box used with the stand alone pc. MirrorOp for ClickShare. Sharp screen does not have DP input, . By installing the MirrorOp for ClickShare software on your PC or MAC , you will be able to share your content to displays that are connected to your ClickShare Base Unit.

With MirrorOp for ClickShare installed on your PC or MAC , you can share spreadsheets, presentations and show movies.