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Decathlon forclaz 20

Rugzak Forclaz liter. Ontworpen voor: tochten van een halve tot een hele dag in de bergen. Conçu pour le randonneur en montagne qui souhaite une protection ultra simple contre le froid T° confort 10°C et 13°C. Created for mountain hikers for half or a full day hiking. Liter: ein günstiger Rucksack mit Belüftung.

Предназначено для любителей горных походов длительностью до одного дня.

L: The 1st price with a ventilated back. Hiking for a half-day or a full day. Plecak turystyczny Forclaz Air QUECHUA – Turystyka Turystyka – na wędrówki kilkugodzinne lub całodniowe po górach. Concebido para hombres o mujeres excursionistas, que realizan travesías en montaña de media jornada a un día. Mochila de travesía L: ¡1er precio con espalda ventilada para aportar mayor comodidad!

El sello de calidad Air Cooling índica una circulación de aire optimizada para controlar mejor calor y humedad. Il Forclaz Air di Quechua è il nostro primo zaino per il mountain hiking con schienale aerato: scopri. Gratis levering vanaf 29€.

Určeno pro půldenní nebo celodenní horskou turistiku. Conceput pentru drumeție de o jumătate de zi sau o zi, la munte. This l hiking backpack is suitable for sporty day-long hikes. It is light , equipped with a rain cover and with back ventilation as well as ventilated straps and belt.

FORCLAZ POLAR QUECHUA – Erkek Doğa Yürüyüşü Polarları – Doğa yürüyüşü yaparken soğuğa karşı oldukça basit bir koruma arayanlar için tasarlandı İdeal sıcaklık:. Fabrics are tested for resistance to rubbing, tearing, colour-fastness under UV rays, washing, waterproofing. A test on the final product, which speeds up the effects of impact on the backpack over the years, to check . Szellőzés Szellőző hát (Air Cooling). Több rekeszes tárolás Zsebek: külső, belső, hálós oldalzseb, zseb a derékpánton. Sac à dos de randonnée l : notre 1er prix avec un dos ventilé pour plus de confort ! Designed for mountain hikers for half or a full day hiking.

The Air Cooling label means easier air circulation to better control heat and damp. Fleece gloves:warm and breathable. Tested for optimum comfort between 10°C and 13°C. Warm and very lightweight fleece. Ideal for the bottom of your backpack.

We carry out laboratory tests to validate all component parts: fabric, buckles, straps, foam and zips.

For example, for fabric: resistance to wear, tearing, colour- fastness under UV rays, washing, waterproofing. A final test on the finished product simulates the kind of treatment to which it will be subjected over several years, . It is the brushing of the knit fabric that traps the air. We test the ageing of our hiking fleeces to guarantee their durability.

We guarantee: – resistance to wear . Decathlon together with Quechua, has decided to inform you of the environmental impact of its hiking backpacks over their entire lifespan. ABIDE scores were assigned based upon a comparison of Quechua bags only.