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Dolium keg pressure

Below is a list of commonly asked questions from customers. Using the links below, see if you can find an answer to your question. How much does the keg weigh? The keg has a weight of 1. What is the environmental impact?

Small keg icon chain links. They are safe, strong and compatible with all existing filling and draught equipment, including a patented reclosable valve system and standard connectors. Use a drop cushion and handle the kegs with reasonable care: it is strongly. For more details see PRV.

This is equal to stainless steel kegs. Maximum Working Pressure. Proof Pressure Testing at . By means of integrated control soft- and hardware the filling process is done full automatically. Dolium kegs are unique, being the only One-Way Keg with fully automatic pressure release valve. How to manually fill a Dolium One-Way Keg.

Sign in to like this article. Initially, Petainers came with a pressure relief setup on the coupler, meaning anytime you untapped it it would release the pressure inside the keg. High Capex investments in stainless steel keg to cover the volume growth. Essential if transporting through regions where temperatures can vary. If the temperature rises rapidly affecting the pressure inside of the keg , the PRV will open at 5. Tower cooler: Yes Previous Keg Performance: Excellent Last week my Ctank went empty.

Got a new tank, cleaned beer line, parts, etc. Hooked it up, started pouring hours later, . Doliuthe keg that falls apart and leaks beer. Folk can and do condition in them. On this page you will find the questions we are asked about the KeyKeg products. Equal to stainless steel.

Dolium’s Automatic Safety Pressure Relief Valve. Carbonation in keg from adding. Technically the Leading One-Way PET Keg With a auto pressure release valve as standard on all One-Way PET kegs. Long shelf life (up to years for beer).

HDPE is recyclable in New Zealand through Replas. Dolium Keg – Again another European designed keg available in and litres. Containers can be customised. Faulty calculations or a lack of knowledge can mean higher pressures inside the keg. No keg can take that much pressure.

Yeah the guys at work are just wanting me to drill a hole in the bottom to let them get to the free grog but the fact they are litre pressure holding kegs makes me hesitant to start destroying them! After a bit of further research, the ones I found suit an a-type coupler so i could just buy one of those for $off . Relieve all the pressure in your keg from your relief valve(this is located in the center of your lid). Open and remove the lid from the inside of your keg. Remove the old o–ring and replace it with a new one. Although not necessary, you can put keg lube around your o-rings to help them seal better.

Place lid back on the keg.