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E file nails

Ann Chang, educator for Kupa Inc. She also uses a medium sanding. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Welcome to another video!

Discover good brands of electric nail file machines good for nail art.

KUPA Mani Pro Passport E – File. Our latest and greatest E – File is guaranteed to please you! Time is money – so using an e – file in the nail business can often be a profitable choice, plus save you from the tiring labor of hand-filing all day long. However, like most things – proper form is key! Watch as expert Greg Salo of Young Nails demonstrates how to use an e – file to create . Our professional electric files and vacuum are essential for efficiency and health.

Learn how you can expedite your services with our. Russian” or “Equipment” or “ E – File ” manicure.

The process is to use an electronic file with very fine bits to file off the living skin around the nail plate. They also file off the dead cuticle skin on the nail plate. Medicool Pro Power 5E – file , – regular price of the E – file is $169. DV plus hours of hands-on E – file training.

Certifications presented at the end of class. You may pay your fee all at once or in two installments. NOT for use on the nail plate please refer to your e – file training or Russian manicure training for use.

For professional use only. I have to admit I was put off using an E – File for yours due to being surrounded by less than non-standard salons using the incorrectly and the use of them in salons local to me getting a bad reputation. Clients would call me and not ask for a nail appointment but ask if I used and E – File because if I did.

Professional nail supply brand for licensed nail technicians. A note from Penny on why we choose to offer E – File Training. The new design Xtreme Drill is our best drill yet. Superior quality and design. Simple bit replacement mechanism.

Forward and reverse rotations.

The drill of choice of Gabo Kovacs (Worl European and Olympic Champion) Carbide bit . You must arrive with week old nails on with gel polish on top. Electric training course. Practice on each other on our half day electric file training course.

This day course is specifically designed for our loyal existing Young Nails qualified nail techs, who did not do the training on Reverse and electric filling.