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Etf mine truck

Battery electric mining trucks with energy harvesting. The innovative design in the lowest cost per ton in the industry. All wheels are steered at low to medium speeds reducing tire wear.

Bringing a remarkably fresh approach to the mining landscape. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The truck is built in Germany and in a few weeks the truck will be rolled out of the factory for the costumer to check it.

Lees hieronder het volledige artikel. The development of the truck started with a blank sheet of paper which allowed for a radical new . Like wheeled machines? Include some context about the image in the title (such as the name of the machine, the model, year, etc).

Starting with 2metric tonnes payload. The largest truck has 5metric tonnes payload. The chassis of the new mine truck has all-wheel-drive and . As a result, mine operators will see increased machine utilization induced production in the order of 8 .

Mining Haulage for the 21st century: 1. Reduced haul road costs. Increased truck utilization. Причём не просто ведущими, но и управляемыми. Модульность заключается в том, что за время, не превышающее минут, с грузовика можно демонтировать блок-кабину, превратив его в прицеп, . Explore this photo album by Michael Wirth on Flickr!

Hightech smeermiddelen van Addinol Lube oil GmbH om deze machines zo efficiënt mogelijk te exploiteren. ETF heeft samen met Lubricoat b. This Pin was discovered by Paul A Hays. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. ETF is a new provider in a marked which is dominated by five established manufacturer.

IM include expounding the concept and potential of its unique all wheel drive, all wheel steering, multiple axle and self levelling suspension design over traditional rigid trucks. Kinemotion is an important. But many, in fact most, in the established mining truck OEMs simply did not believe that ETF. ETF will offer 8 12 1and 218t payload models, from the MT-to the MT-240.

Haul trucks are off-highway, rigid dump trucks specifically engineered for use in high-production mining and heavy-duty construction environments. European Truck Factory hails .

Most haul trucks have a two-axle design, but two very well known . This MT-2mining truck has uniquely configured electronically managed transmission system that provides different performances. The system is controlled by a . The main frame of an existing large haul truck is often the component that determines the lifetime of the vehicle. Large forces are transferred to the frame due to road impacts and shocks during loading.

ETF developed an innovative solution: the Monorail frame. Instead of a frame on top of the axles as in competitive vehicles, . It has named these new .