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Gold digger prank

Thank you to TopBuzz for sponsoring this video. Gold digger pranks are back! Today I exposed a gold digger cheating on her soldier husband.

GOLD DIGGER PRANK PART 4! I took out my Ferrari Limo to catch another gold digger! FkxZz In this video I caught and.

This is the ultimate gold digger test. UF6mNq Leave a like and a comment for more pranks. Tenenkrommend slecht en iedereen weet dat de video zo nep is als de . Miami actress Vivian Rubio has exposed a viral gold digger prank by star Risky Rob as a fake because she says the video is sexist.

Dit is beste Golddigger prank ooit. Perfecte test om te kijken of vrouwen jou nou echt leukvinden of je money. Zoals Kanye het al zei: uhm.

De golddigger prank ken je inmiddels wel, maar bij de video van r Cody Roeder wordt het pas echt pijnlijk duidelijk.

Check wat er vervolgens gebeurt als hij naar zijn Lamborghini loopt. Directed by Steven Suptic. With James DeAngelis, Jordan Maron, Parker McGhghy. HoomanTvOfficial Full Video.

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It Is A Unique Manual System. Prankster Josh Paler Lin sets up an intricate plot to reveal if archetypal blonde prefers men with money. Ill Be Like Evelyn Of Basketball Wives.

He approach a girl as a Deaf man to try and pick her up, but he is rejected. He use sign language and write on his memo pad. Being wealthy in no way predicts whether the person with the wealth is a good partner.

It only indicates the lifestyle that person is likely to live and THAT is what attracts the woman – the potential to live the good life. In other words, only a gold – digger would be attracted to someone flaunting their wealth in . Actress Vivian Rubio replied to a Craigslist acting gig that she thought sounded fun, only to discover RiskyRobTV was shooting a prank video exposing Miami women as gold diggers.

Frustrated with the premise, Rubio decided to go undercover and expose his falsehood.