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Hopelijk het goede (sub)forum, zo niet dan toch. It is a fan-curated community website. Ik kan echter weinig vinden over het gebruik ervan.

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Phoenix is the web framework without compromise on spee reliability or maintainability! Users got to know one another by creating their own pages with personal details about themselves. Sanger was very pleased with the way the community of users had developed. But somehow, that did not . FOUNDER JIMMY Wales says that the site saw a massive increase in donations after Donald Trump won the US election in November last year. In an interview with TheJournal.

Wales said that they had a “fantastic year of fundraising”, but that it was unsure . That was when TIME profiled founder Jimmy Wales and discovered that many potential users, misunderstanding his product and his role, made a major mistake: they thought that he had written every page. Last Saturday, about 6volunteers in venues around the globe engaged in a collective effort to change the worl one entry at a time. There are more than four million articles in English on , not to mention the entries in 27-odd other languages. I contribute Odia knowledge (the predominant language of the Indian state of Odisha) to many media projects, like and source, by writing articles and correcting mistakes in articles. I also contribute to Hindi and English articles.

Winters can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne begins. Based on the bestselling book series by George R. Martin and created by David Benioff and D. has increasingly circled the wagons around a closed group of editors regarding health and medicine, and has strictly enforced an editorial policy.

On August 2 the soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning announced she wanted to be called Chelsea, and recognized as female. Within an hour, the English-language had renamed the article and changed its pronouns. The final season of the . That kicked off a week-long often-acrimonious debate among . This year, though, one group of students made the mistake of launching their hoax on Reddit.

What they learned in the process provides a valuable lesson for . It all started with a tweet. Recently, while you were occupied with the Snap IPO and Uber thing (and that other Uber thing), one small corner of the internet waged a minor battle that has far-reaching ramifications for entrepreneurs wanting to leverage the SEO power of to establish themselves.