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Hacksmith captain america

The Real Shield of Captain America. Stay tuned for the full build and test video coming out tomorrow and this weekend ! The Hacksmith has built a Captain America shield that not only looks like the real thing, but even acts like it. WATCH incredible Chris Evans lookalike, James Grebey, create a real-life electromagnetic Captain America shiel in a video that draws in over million fans in.

Known as The Hacksmith , Grebey built the electromagnetic glove from scratch to attach it to the prop replica shield especially made for him.

This demonstration is not meant to be . You know that electromagnet Captain America uses in Age of Ultron to retract his shield? And it actually works with our replica Captain America shield. As soon as I saw Age of Ultron, I knew I had to make this! Now, with the release of Civil War, I decided I had waited.

Watch the video below and . What if we told you can make it yourself? The Hacksmith was also provided with a replica metal shield from the folks at Machina Props, while SleekHides provided him with a Captain America jacket to round out the look.

It means you can throw and catch the shield just like Cap — well, almost like him. James goes over the details of making the electromagnet . Have you ever wished you could have your own grappling hook like Batman? James is an engineer who loves recreate working versions of awesome props from movies, . The Hacksmith , though, wanted to create a shield that could easily retrieve itself (although reality and science still keeps it from being quite as impressive as the one seen in the movies). The perfect Hacksmith Hacksmith HacksmithGifs Animated GIF for your conversation.

Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. A Captain America shield that works. Source: Source:. The Hacksmith uploaded a tutorial on that teaches you how to create your own Captain America.

De jongens van -pagina The Hacksmith hebben de laatste tijd gewerkt aan een wel heel cool project: Ze hebben een werkend Captain America -schild gemaakt! Totally suited up, The Hacksmith channeled the spirit of Captain America , thanks to his new Sleekhides Captain America -inspired jacket, and is ready to test his new replica shield. The technology behind it, supposedly, is the magnetic mount that Captain America uses.

If you do attempt to make your own electromagnetic climbing clamps, please consult the Hacksmith team for advice on constructing and using them safely. Sometimes even the most fanciful ideas from works of fiction can come to life in the real world. Check out my to see the whole video!

His latest inventions include working Captain America shields, Wolverine claws and Iron Man thrusters. Hobson, more than just a science . The Captain uses it to protect himself and others and throws it around like a boomerang.