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Interroll drum motor

Insulation class of motor windings. Special voltage on request. Translation of original instruction manual. Electrical data of i-series. Dimensions of i-series drum motor.

Internal shaft sealing system. Roller belt motor from Biesse Rover 3 could also be used for any application. Chapter-ID: User Manual. TC = Thermal controller.

Leads for TC may be coloured white and brown. Color codes: ye = yellow bn = brown gn = green. The unique concept of their drum motors produces cutting-edge solutions that raise the overall efficiency and reliability of customer applications in materials handling the world over.

There is no doubt about it, with fewer installation parts than conventional geared motor . Lifetime lubricated for maintenance free operation. Heart of Intralogistics. Standard Asynchronous Drum Motors for All Applications. Ambient temperature, 3-phase motor for ap- plications with positive drive belts, or without belts (see p 207).

Please refer to the Configurator at the end of the catalogue. The aim was to produce an extremely compact, totally enclosed and highly efficient conveyor . If you want to be the leader of the pack in your market, you need to be sure you can count on your partners, day and night, for solutions beyond the obvious as well as unmatched quality and service. Department of Agriculture ( USDA) for compliance with the guidelines for sanitary design and fabrication of dairy processing equipment.

The certification is based on equipment . Fewer parts mean reduced costs for the conveyor design an purchasing parts. Mechanical data for 1-phase motors. New Generation of Drum Motors. INTERROLL DRUM MOTORS – Consult . Shop with confidence on eBay!

Traditional conveyor setups in food-processing and packaging industries use external gear motors as the belt-drive mechanism.

But drum motors are increasin. What is more, our new Drum Motors incorporating durable high grade polished steel gears, reduce previous sound levels by and are therefore quieter than many other drives found in the market today.