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Ironwolf vs wd red

Coolblue legt je de verschillen en overeenkomsten uit. De twee grootste schijffabrikanten hebben 8TB-disks voor consumenten op de markt gebracht. Ik ben sowieso voornemens voor de pro serie te gaan. To start sorry I know this has been asked before but I want new thoughts as people have had more time to test them. Vertaal deze pagina Er is geen informatie beschikbaar voor deze pagina.

Seagate NAS HDD vs WD Red ? As the title implies, what is the community using? Any good or poor experiences with either? The RED Pro and Ironwolf level drives are also stated to run longer and manage vibration issues etc but how much this is fact vs spin is open to debate. I use the WD RED pro in RAID for primary backup and RAID for archive backup and find them very reliable with most failures out of the box or in the . Anyone have any actual experience with IronWolf. My point is, if you have them in an array, which is the point of the RED and Ironwolf drives, then the increased spindle speed of the Ironwolf is negated by the combined array performance.

Meer resultaten van community. So for the majority of people, the WD. Why does almost everyone here use WD Red and. Worden alleen wel snel warm en maken redelijk wat geluid.

Snelheid is vergelijkbaar met WD red schijven alleen is de prijs veel hoger en kun je met schijven RAID toepassen. Looking into buying my first NAS. Pro server which is now completely unresponsive. The server is running within ESX 5. These drives are not for general purpose storage.

Just like Skyhawk is meant for surveillance hard drives, these hard-drives are meant for NAS based storage. Since you have landed on this page, we assume that . De best verkopende harde schijven voor je NAS. Большинство пользователей сегодня предпочитают покупать не жесткие диски, а твердотельные накопители. Но, учитывая цену гигабайта, для .