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Kipper english

Similarly, the Middle English kipe denotes a basket used to catch fish. Another theory traces the word kipper to the kip, or small beak, that male salmon develop during the breeding season. As a verb, kippering (to kipper ) means to preserve by rubbing with salt or other spices before drying in the open air or in smoke. Craster kipper ‎ Bloater (herring) ‎ Herring ‎ Buckling (fish) kipper Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary https://dictionary. In cache Vergelijkbaar Vertaal deze pagina kipper meaning, definition, what is kipper : a herring (= type of fish) that has been preserved by being treated with salt and then….

They also smoke tuna, kippers and mackerel. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Full English and smoked kippers are also present and correct. Definition of kipper – a kippered fish, especially a herring. Many translated example sentences containing kipper – English -Dutch dictionary and search engine for English translations.

Spring naar English – English has an article on: kipper. Old English cypera male salmon, perhaps related to coper reddish-brown metal (see copper), on resemblance of color. Kippered split herring.

Another theory connects it to kip, name for the sharp, hooked lower jaw of the male salmon in breeding season, from Middle English kippen to snatch, tug, pull. The modern word usually refers to .