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Maeda mc 405

This mini crane has a useful 500kg pick and carry function. The optional fly jib inceases the already impressive working range even further. Sheaves Protected Inside Boom. Programmable Moment Limiter.

Hydrostatic Transmission.

Dit model geeft je de mogelijkheid om met een last van 5kg te rijden. Door de optionele mechanische jib-arm kan het al indrukwekkende werkbereik (m) nog worden verhoogd tot m. Hij werkt op diesel en 3V, en hij voelt zich perfect thuis in gesloten ruimtes. Hierdoor kan je een last tot 500 . Working Radius, 16m x 0. Boom, Fully Automatic 5-section hydraulically pentagonal telescoping boom.

Hoist wire rope, IWRCx WS(26) Øx 95m. Watch Mini Crane in action.

Mit einer Tragkraft von 3. Darüber hinaus leistet er noch eine maximale Hubhöhe von 1m. MC4CRM E Specification. Diese kann durch die optionale Kranspitze sogar noch auf 2m erhöht werden.

It has a maximum lifting capacity of 4. W 380V electric motor is also available for an . It also features a maximum lift height of 16. With the optional crane tip, this can even be increased to 20. It can reach high places and can be operated by remote. Choose the most powerful machine of its kind!

From the hydrostatic transmission and centralized . Use a small crane up close rather. Outrigger Spread Dimensions. The maximum reach below ground level is: Four Fall. Choisissez la machine la plus musclée de sa catégorie!

Maeda quality is undeniable. The additional molding ogee even more increases already impressive operating range (2m).

This fantastic model is also equipped with unique function of capture and transfer of load weighing up to 5kg. The Total Rated Load Chart is based on actual working radius with the bending of boom attributable to load reflected and is shown with the mass of hook (50kg) included. Технические характеристики: Грузоподъемность. Fly jib Total Rated Load .