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Mz account game of war login

You will create a MZ account that uses an e-mail address for the login and a password. You also have the option to choose a pin code for added security, but this is not necessary. Accounts and Devices 3A. Secure and Instant Delivery.

Answer froProof Use your login and PIN for that account on the other device. Will not work if device authentication is on.

Willy Self MZ you ruined the game. Doe mee aan de ULTIEME strijd om de heerschappij over het koninkrijk! SPEEL GRATIS een van de meest meeslepende en interactieve strategische MMO- actiegames ! Sluit je aan bij miljoenen online spelers wereldwij WORD LID VAN EEN ALLIANTIE en maak VRIENDEN. HELP, HANDEL en WERK SAMEN met . Well, brave knight, you can! On the NEW device, go the same route: hero screen, account settings.

This time click on Link to another account. Its just not fun anymore.

Next time you enter the game , it will ask for your login information and you will have your data. The mobile war-strategy game, made by Machine Zone , is making a ton of money (it has the second-highest gross in the App Store), and with Kate Upton as its spokeswoman it has clearly spent a ton of money in . See all Application Permissions. Developed By: Machine Zone , Inc.

Privacy Policy Click to see complete result in a new window ). Clarification of How You Can Trade in GoW Lately Machine Zone has been cracking down on players who are ignoring the Game’s Terms of Service, which make some transfers of resources illegal. You may have seen people sharing these images and have been getting a little scared to buy resources from your kingdom’s . This game started off great: I enjoyed building my city, making friends, I invested my money and time to support my alliance and NOW it seems that it was for nothing. GoW is no longer playable with the flood of weekly new upgrades, the increased glitches and lag times, the devaluing of my account , useless items, and. MZ doesn’t give a shit if you lose your troops or gold from their countless server shut downs. MZ steers the game away from WAR which is what the game is named for, and toward stupid shit like . Game of War – Fire Age: Amazon.

Having the same problem. The game will not start up. Thanks MZ prob will lose all my troops and resources.