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Nimbus hands on investment

Nimbus is a hands -on investor. We know what makes the difference between the success and failure of a company. So if we invest in any business, our expertise and active engagement come along with the capital we invest. We provide solid financial backing and we act swiftly where speed is needed.

That is why we call ourselves hands -on investors. Our threefold approach puts companies .

It can also consider partial acquisitions in family-owned companies. We call ourselves ‘ hands -on investors’, but what does that mean? The firm seeks to invest in . For us, the financial input is only the beginning.

We know that what really makes the difference between success and failure is active involvement and decisive . Capital for scaling-up innovative companies. The current management will also participate in this transaction. The transaction, which is still subject to the approval of the Dutch competition authorities, is scheduled to be finalised . Daarvoor was Marc onder meer werkzaam voor Geveke NV (company strategy, MA), Investment.

In this period we have invested in two brand new factories. They will either have their own product or specific production or service capability. Florida Hampton Inn changes hands. The hotel is located in the Wesley Chapel suburb of Tampa and will be managed by an affiliate of Emerald Hospitality Associates. AAC Benelux Management BV.

Gilde Buy Out Partners BV. Aescap Venture Management. Newion Investments Management. Niko Group, Belgium, Other corporates. Nipuna Services, India, Consulting. NIRAS, Denmark, Consulting.

With the economy in the doldrums, and many private equity portfolios hurting, there are still plenty of opportunities to pursue. Now is perhaps the perfect time for turnaround investments. This event will focus precisely on that type of opportunity: hands-on investing in turnarounds.