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Ortofon om10 vs 2m red

In your opinion will the upgrade improve the sound quality? Need help to choose Cartridge etc. From what i understan it seems the 2m Red and Blue are the replacement for the old Super OM series.

Im currently using an Ortofon OM5E but looking to upgrade as there are still slight issues with IGD and sibilance on the . Looking for Opinions: Shure M97XE vs Ortofon 2M Red.

Meer resultaten van forums. User avatar VinylIsTheBest: senior member senior member . AT95E or Ortofon 2m red ? Pro-ject Debut Carbon ships with Ortofon 2M Red or Ortofon OM10. Both Michael Fremer and TAS have lavished glowing praise.

I am using the OMcartridge on the Debut Carbon and am thinking of upgrading to the 2M RED in the near future. I mainly listen to Jazz and Rock which means I am looking for sufficient detail and bass at a budget cost.

Dan de klank, al met de eerste noten van The Doors met het nummer people are strange valt op dat dit element van een heel andere klasse is als de OM-serie van Ortofon. Het geheel klinkt veel helderder, strakker en levendiger, klonk een OM al snel saai, duf en afstandig, deze 2M Red sleurt je mee in . OM 5e, 0:OM , 1:OM Phono Pre-Amp: Pro-Ject Phono Box S Super OM System. Bobby Bland two steps from the blues LP brand new just opene all other equipment purchased in the past 6. Thanks very much for the detailed and helpful response.

So I want to throw one more option in there: What about the Rega Bias vs the Ortofon 2M Red vs the Ortofon OM20? The 2M Red is a versatile cartridge that has earned an excellent reputation among reviewers and everyday listeners. One question, eventually I will probably upgrade the stylus on the cart to either the omor omas I understand they are interchangeable with the om body. Should I get the acrylic platter instead of the 2M Red and . We have a number of dealers who know about . I can replace the cartridge with the Ortofon 2M Red. I already have Ortofon Super OMand wants to upgrade its stylus to Om30.

Will this JICO make any improvement? Another possibility: Why not go with the new Ortofon 2M series? Ortofon once discontinued OM series but had to introduce again because of good demand.

Its a high compliance cart,so it would be better match with low mass tonearm of your TT.

I just upgraded by Ortofon 2M Red on my Rega TT to the Blue by replacing the stylus. Allgemein – im Vergleich zu anderen Systemen von Ortofon – ist die OM-Serie als System eher schlechter im Klang. Vergleicht man ein modernes 2M red mit einem OM-Super würde ich das red nehmen. Was ich damit sagen will: Wie oben beschrieben, hat das OM-System den Vorteil, dass man es mit höherwertigen .