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Paypal contact

Resets, unlock account, unknown charges. Holds, declines, refunds, balance. Account profile and set up. Disputes and account limitations. Payment dispute, chargeback, limitation.

You can call us by clicking Call customer support near the top of the page in the PayPal Help Center.

I forgot my password for my. Can I cancel a PayPal payment? Wat zijn de kosten van een PayPal -rekening? Hoe kan ik mijn vergeten wachtwoord opvragen? Wat is een uitgestelde bankbetaling?

Hoe weet ik of een e-mail daadwerkelijk van PayPal afkomstig is? How can I make a formal complaint to PayPal ? How does PayPal provide accessible services to individuals with special access needs?

What is the Resolution Center? PayPal account, please see our Annual Error Resolution Notice. Just remember that you can check out our Error Resolution Notice anytime by going to the section of our User Agreement, “Liability for Unauthorized Transactions and Other Errors”. If you have additional questions, you can contact us any¬†. Job Interviews jobs forums.

A secure and convenient payment solution. If PayPal is linked to your credit line: Access. Apply now and get a decision in seconds. Open your doors to millions of PayPal customers. Braintree is the only payment platform that allows you to accept cards and PayPal through a single integration.

Braintree helps businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises, accept and process payments to help maximize business opportunities and revenue growth. Companies around the world benefit from the technology and support of Braintree coupled with the scale, backing, and confidence of partnering with a PayPal. Share a link and get paid. Create your link, share it, and start receiving money. Split a bill with friends or accept payments from customers.

If someone claiming to be from PayPal asks you for your password in response to an e-mail, you should refuse to provide it and contact us. To contact PayPal , go to the PayPal Help Center and click the Contact Us link. COMMENT: In the last paragraph it states that “Remember, PayPal will never ask you for your password.

Prior to PayPal, May worked for a financial services company and also for an online payment processing company. Masterpass is a digital wallet that simplifies the checkout process across your purchases online, in-app,. Hier vindt u informatie over onder andere bestellingen en leveringen.