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Poclain ms series

Een andere afbeelding melden Meld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. It is the ideal compromise between a parallel circuit and a series circuit. MS Classic range have established themselves as a benchmark on the hydraulic motor market.

Characteristics details. Poclain radial piston high-torque cam-lobe motors with direct drive.

High pressure, high- efficiency and very little noise output. These motors are available as wheel motors, wheel motors with brakes, wheel motors with drum brakes and shaft motors with male . Standard manufacture splined shaft (DIN), one or two speeds, with or without brake (integral multi-disc wet brake). Hydraulic shaft motors: multi-cam radial pistons. Also available as a hydraulic wheel motor with flanged output shaft or drum brake on some models.

These are the spare parts for MSseries Poclain motors,. MS series piston motor such characteristics as: high mechanical efficiency and high volumetric efficiency, thus it is widely used in the travelling movement of those wheel .

Download Arctic cat bearcat. POCLAIN MSPRESSURE TEST. MS SERIES RADIAL PISTON HYDRAULIC MOTOR. These pumps support a wide variety of displacement sizes and control types and are widely used . We have the expertise to supply and repair Poclain units including: MS series MSE MC MK.

See if we have a Service Exchange unit. The working cylinders are thus radially arranged around a crankshaft. Brake Assy Part Number: B-FRE-MS50-F50-M SKU: B-FRE-MS50-F50-M. KITSAV-FRE-REP-F04-F05-F0 MSE05. VERBERIE CEDEX – FRANCE.

Working pressure to 4bar. High performance and in versions which operate on water glycol or phosphate ester fluid. Please to add comments. It also has a neodymium magnet so you can stick it in the back of your truck or to the side of your tool box and never be without it.

The views in this document are created using metric standards. Диагностика, ремонт , обслуживание.

Catalogue Specific Features. Choose from 1-displacement, 2-displacement or. Poclain MS series piston motors. Motors Special Features. Place of Origin: CN;ZHE.

In the MHP series , the nominal ratio between full and smallest reduced displacement for a given motor size is either or 4. Bosh Rexroth MCR series. Some “S” Series are available with larger displacements in smaller bodies to give a compact design.