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Reinhardt fe heroes

Blazing Thunder, Before combat this unit initiates, foes in an area near target take damage . These builds are user-submitted builds which have been approved by build reviewers. This includes both optimal and creative builds and not necessarily only builds competitively viable for arena play. Please use your own judgment when deciding if any of them fit your needs.

Attack is by far the best boon, as it is the sole source of his offensive power. This variation is called IV or individual values. A character cannot have perfect all around stats.

If a particular stat is high, another stat will be lower to help balance the overall stat distribution. His unique tome, Dire Thunder, is a brave tome basically. It lets him hit twice before recieving a counterattack, which is enough to kill most units in the game. Was Reinhardt a mistake? He is also the older brother of Olwen, who initially admires him.

ITSREINTIME Got my first Reinhardt in time for Tempest trials (neutral attack). Gave him a pretty standard. Low effort shitposts such as white text memes or reaction images that have nothing to do with Fire Emblem Heroes will be removed. Other low-effort posts may be removed at mod discretion. Unit Build posts must be submitted as a text post with a description.

Artwork posts should link to the original source . I wanted to add Reinhardt to my team for some time, but I never got lucky. Now I got Olwen, with the same spell as Reinhardt. When one girl is taken into a strange new world by a reaper who stole her chips, things get destroyed. Especially the 4th wall. A page for describing Memes: Fire Emblem Heroes.

He has since been crowned the least favorite character in all of Fire Emblem. Interactive Fire Emblem Heroes Combat Simulator and Damage Calculator. Quickly assess the strength of your build vs the entire FEH Hero Roster!

Reinhardt is a Blue Mage Cavalry unit with a guaranteed double attack due to Dire Thunder. Being a mounted unit means he has high mobility during combat. Props to Yué for helping with some pointers and giving some images. Board FE Heroes Offense Team . Il me manque essentiellement .