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Seagate ironwolf vs wd red nas

Coolblue legt je de verschillen en overeenkomsten uit. De best verkopende harde schijven voor je NAS. Worden alleen wel snel warm en maken redelijk wat geluid. Snelheid is vergelijkbaar met WD red schijven alleen is de prijs veel hoger en kun je met schijven RAID toepassen.

Seagate laat de zes platters van elk 1. Both drives lag behind the group average significantly in terms of overall performance. As the title implies, what is the community using? Any good or poor experiences with either? Ik zou voor de WD red gaan (WD40EFRX). Over compatibiliteit zou ik me geen zorgen maken.

Alle schijven voldoen aan Sata norm en werken dus gewoon. The idea would be to put a single 8TB drive in it, leaving the second bay empty. Help me understand the love for WD Reds?

I use the WD RED pro in RAID for primary backup and RAID for archive backup and find them very reliable with most failures out of the box or in the first 24 . Anyone have any actual experience with IronWolf. Meer resultaten van community. These drives are not for general purpose storage. Just like Skyhawk is meant for surveillance hard drives, these hard-drives are meant for NAS based storage. Since you have landed on this page, we assume that . Er is geen informatie beschikbaar voor deze pagina.

WD RED 4TB drives die on me the past couple of months. LOW TRAFFIC, LOW USAGE, . With declining PC sales and increase in affordability of SSDs, hard drive vendors have scrambled to make up for the deficit and increase revenue by targeting the NAS market. So I would suggest broadening your search you include the HGST NAS 8T, which IMO is the best of the bunch.

I have had great success with the white label WD 80EZZX drives I shucked out of MyBook enclosures. Первый выделяется производительностью и хорошим набором функций для мощных NAS. Что выбрать из двух предложенных вариантов? With such a big emphasis on NAS being the answer to all your problems,it is easy to forget that even the best NAS that . Like the rest of the Red line, this higher capacity drive has been designed specifically to run in a NAS environment.

So we have fewer drives, but more data. The trade-off of speed is that vibration, noise and energy consumption are reduced. The WD Red 8TB sells for £3($32 around AU$500), which is a fair bit cheaper than the . Backblazes siffror är inte något man kan läsa in .