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Severne blueline

Variable profiles and a solid 29mm TAluminium makes the BLUE LINE boom the perfect all rounder. Wave profile in the smallest size, freeride profile in the middle size and race profile in the largest size. Durable 29mm arm diameter. The RDM Blue has an added fibreglass outer layer which makes it stronger and less susceptible to impact damage.

Also offers wave mast durability for freeride and RDM Cam sails. LIGHTWEIGHT (kg FOR 400).

MEASURED OFFSET ACCURACY. Tot dagen retourneren. VARIABLE PROFILES AND A SOLID 29MM TALUMINIUM. The other one was the severne blue line boom. At the other end of the scale, if for instance you used a Max 1sail on a 1boom, would it make any . Available from bigsurfshop.

Ik vaar zelf met diezelfde combi. Heb ook eens een gaastra verkeer en zelfs eens een 1 van Gaastra.

Het zeil word er soft van. Met de Gaastra is het zeil ook softer maar had het gevoel dat hij meer aan mijn . De korte lengdene er mer wave orientert, mens de lengre har mer slalom form. I cant see this mast as recommended or compatible for these sails.

My local shop doesn´t have red line sdm 4and I cant decide wether I should choose blue line 4sdm or enigma 4for these two sails which is the best . Severne har har en ekstremt fokus på detalj. SEVERNE Blue Line Boom Alu. Developed for a perfect blend of performance and durability the Blue line is perfect, recreation. Framtagen med en perfekt mix av hållbarhet och prestanda. Riktigt bra allroundmast.

Length, Carbon , IMCS, KG. Descripción del Producto. BLUELINE the Blue Line is perfect for recreational racing and freeride.

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