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Theater prague

The National Theatre is one of the symbols of Czech national identity and cultural heritage, an endeavour to achieve the highest artistic quality. Manon Lescaut zo jan. As Far as I See zo jan.

The National Theatre belongs to the most important Czech cultural institutions, with a rich artistic tradition, which helped to preserve and develop the most important . In the same year the theatre burned down, and this tragic event caused a huge wave of new collections to support the restoration of the theatre.

IMAGE Theatre has been a permanent member among theatres of a unique Czech genre of black theatre. It has had over a hundred foreign trips around Europe, . The spectacular exterior and interior decoration, richly embellished with gol consists of masterpieces of 19th century Czech . Premieres, repertoire, history by Czech Opera Server. Public filming of the Jan Kraus Show. Divadlo Vizita — The Slowest Element.

Prague Opera, Brno Opera, Ostrava Opera.

More than million spectators have already visited our performances. Yes, I like it very much. No, the old one was better. You are in luck for the city of one hundred spires features many options for children. Apart from big theatres with a classical repertoire, there are smallish theatres – these came into existence mostly in the sixties of the last century to criticize the totalitarian regime, and they have been playing the role of critics and innovators ever since.

Check the history of the ROYAL. Welcome to a magical wordless world. A world which will tell you a bewitching story, which is about every one of us. A once-in-a-lifetime experience full of enchantment and surprising effects. Come and relax, and have fun in a fairytale world.

Here I list what to look for and how best to enjoy an evening watching it. See the best scenes of black light theater by the Hilt company, and watch contemporary stage effects. Puppet theaters are a specialty of the Czech culture. Both theatres have played significant roles in the history of Czech theatre. Black light theatre , Light Art Show.

For children aged 3-years.

The Image Theatre show is something pretty special, with a performance characterized by the use of black box theater augmented by black light illusions. One of the things I love about the Czech capital is that there are so many theaters here. We hold regular international tours. Within the same block in Bio Oko: Mon, 5.