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Visual thinking strategies questions

If the student needs to elaborate to make their statement more clear ask: What makes you say that? If the conversation comes to a halt you may ask: What else can we find? VTS is very simple: You, the teacher, act as facilitator and ask students a set of questions while looking at images.

This lets students know that you understand them and helps ensure that everyone in the group . Students can also work at their own levels and challenge themselves as they hear higher level questions that they can use as models after their next reading selection.

It also helps them compose questions , which they often need practice with. What do you see that makes you say that? Once students understand the point of this question , begin to vary it. In order to keep students searching for further observations, frequently ask them,.

This online resource has public pages chock full of information about the history, theory and research of VTS, as well as information about trainings, services, and highlighted projects. The subscription pages contain the full VTS image curriculum, and a . VTS cultivates an evolving, global community of practitioners in schools , . Visual Thinking Strategies.

The next question will show why this is important. It focuses on looking and discussing works of art mediated by a discussion facilitator. This method is based around three carefully constructed open-ended questions. Without a doubt the main key to visual thinking , creativity and innovation lies within the set of questions you continuously and persistently ask yourself as you make progress towards the generation of ideas and the solutions that will help you solve your problems most effectively.

In fact, knowing the right . This bookmark allows students to have a visual reminder of the reading strategies they should be using as they are reading. VTS is easy to learn and offers a proven strategy for educators meet current learning objectives. HOW CAN A TEACHER IMPLEMENTVTS? When viewing a piece of art, use the following three questions : 1. You do not need any special art training to. Three questions guide the discussion.

Below is a video of VTS in action with . Education World outlines methods for how to teach visual thinking strategies to students K through 12. Includes a brief introduction to VTS,. Invented by educator Alan Levine, this story-telling game using images from Flickr.

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Get this page going by posting your interview experience. It only takes a secon and your information is anonymous. Explore Interviews at Similar Companies. Every day on Glassdoor, thousands of people share their interview . Review the brainstormed list and star the questions that seem most interesting. Then, select one or more of the starred questions to discuss for a few moments.

With kids observing these magnificent works of art, so full of mystery, puzzlement, uncertainty and new.