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Volvo 960 2 5 specs

Technical data and performance, fuel economy figures, dimensions and weights, engine power and torque, and general data like production numbers and designer. Similar contemporary car models also listed. With a fuel consumption of 10.

De auto had in Nederland een prijs van ongeveer 123. Qua interieur werden ten opzichte van .

This page provides the information about VOLVO 9, 2. Check out their specs and features, and find you ideal VOLVO 9, 2. Moreover, the company installed a new 2. Hij werd gebouwd als 4-deurs Sedan. You can find technical specifications about performance, engine, weights, security. Drive System, FR, Steering,. Type, Full-Size, Full-Size.

Transmission, speed manual , speed manual.

Internet (at least here in Sweden)? Basically they are the same car just the trim spec maybe different on the models you are looking at. Valve Ambassador-Line with an automatic transmission. Type de carburant – petrol A-95.

V (1Hp ) – AutoData24. Характеристики, цены, фото 9estate 2. L engine, the Mwas paired with a detuned version (1PS or 1kW) of the 3. Volvo 9Radiator Action Crash 2. Revised 9range launched: 2. VAT (no VAT accrue) . I have gathered a collection of sale. Last in excellent condition mileage of about 3thousand kilometers. Engine replaced by contract , . Please refer to the identification plate in the engine compartment for actual gross vehicle weight of any particular car. This is an original quality part manufactured by Lemforder.

From United Kingdom Brand: Lemforder . See a detailed table of specification of the vehicle on page this to website txautonet.