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Yanmar 3gm30f specifications

Special swirl type pre-combustion chamber. Electric with manual combination (D.C. 12V- kW starting motor, 12V-55A Alternator). Freshwater cooling with heat exchanger. If you have the service manual you will see a chart showing the power curves.

Vergelijkbaar Vertaal deze pagina 1GM10・2GM20(F).

Safety Precaution for Inspection 1) Battery Fluid Battery fluid is diluted sulfuric acid. It can blind you if it gets in your eyes, or burn your skin. Keep the fluid away from your body.

Wash it off immediately with a large quantity of fresh . Covers current and discontinued models. HONDA HP 4-STROKE HP Compare. With regard to the sail drive, this manual describes lube oil selection and specification only.

GM(F)(C),3HM35(F)(C). Disclaimers: All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publishing. The illustrations used in this manual are intended as representative reference views only.

Moreover, because of our continuous product improvement policy, we may modify . It is used in a wide range of sailboats and motorboats. People who viewed this item also viewed. We replaced her with a new 3YM3 in.

I checked the valves and some were too thight borught them all to 0. Satisfied Customers: 121. Diesel Boat Doc, Marine Mechanic. Experience: YEARS MARINE DIESEL BOAT REPAIR. What is the oil capacity of the yanmar 3gm30f ? Because when we design and manufacture the engine, we take . Genuine engine oil, transmission oil, coolant and grease are important for the safety and warranty for your engine.

Operation Manual Engine 3YM3 German, Download.

Use this page to help identify your engine. Understanding YANMAR engine model codes. Most engine model designations are on an. The 1GM, 2GM and 3HM were also uprated . YANMAR 3YMENGINE SPECIFICATIONS. Application, Internal Engine System.

Yanmar Secondary Fuel Filter.