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Amd zen 2

Zen is expected to bring a slight increase in instructions per clock over Zen , but not nearly as large as the jump from Excavator to Zen. Ofterwel, kan je nu een ryzen cpu kopen en over een paar jaar de nieuwere zen processors in hetzelfde moederbord prikken. These will be based on a new Matisse architecture.

AMD on the other hand will offer support for all upcoming generations of the Zen architecture cpu on their AMplatform. It was also confirmed that work on Zen began when the foundation of Zen was already laid out, giving engineers enough time to tweak the next best thing after Ryzen.

The divination ritual has been complete the PC hardware gods have woken, and signs now point to a March release for the second generation AMD. Ryzen should be at least a little better than the “worst case scenario” of the original Ryzen, according to their CPU marketing manager, and this die shrink should allow AMD to hit higher clockspeeds than before. It should offer at least enough improvement to tide us over until the AMD Zen architecture . AMD will also be launching a new low-power version of its Pinnacle Ridge architecture in April, while the enterprise-class side of the new Pinnacle . These processors are rumored to be built on a 7nm FinFET process.

On the mobile side of things, Raven Ridge is launching next year with integrated Vega . AMD set the groundwork to remain competitive for a long time to come, and the leaked slide underscores that.

As for the actual Zen , AMD has completed the design already, but gives no formal date for product introduction. Вслед за процессорами Ryzen и Ryzen Threadripper, воплощающими архитектуру Zen , компания AMD намерена предложить процессоры на архитектуре Zen 2. Они носят условное наименование Matisse. Новинки Zhaoxin будут поддерживать память DDRи получат контроллер PCIe 4. AMD dropped a blockbuster at CES on Sunday, unveiling its plans for a 2nd-gen Threadripper, Zen , Zen and its next-next-generation 7nm GPUs. The company even broke out a new mobile Vega chip. VIA Technologies намерена выпустить конкурента чипам AMD Zen 2. AMD has said in the past that we will see a Zen refresh before the jump to Zen architecture, and now it looks like we know when to expect that to happen.

These include more insight of the Vega GPU (used in Raven Ridge APUs), Zen , and increase of Vega GPU supply. The core will have many Zen similarities but will add . Разговор оказался примечателен тем, что представитель AMD особо не сдерживал себя в выражениях и раскрыл ряд интересных подробностей о будущем процессоров Ryzen. В частности, за время беседы он успел пообещать, что перспективная архитектура Zen окажется не менее . Marketing manager Don Woligroski even called Ryzen a “worst case scenario” for the new architecture, adding that Zen will address its weaker points. In the chat Papermaster confirmed that both AMD Zen and Zen processors will be made in 7nm and that he would like foundries to introduce EUV as fast as they can.

Till skillnad från tidigare rapporter utrustas Pinnacle Ridge inte med arkitekturen Zen , utan stannar kvar vid Zen (1). AMD Pinnacle Ridge bygger istället på samma grund som Summit Ridge men får högre prestanda, vilket tros komma från övergången till nanometer och möjligheten att nå högre .

While this is unfortunate it does mean that AMD has a clear starting point in terms of improving the architecture. Just trying to help clear up a common misconception. Lisa Su talked about a multi-generational roadmap where she mentioned AMD Zen and Zen 3. Неясно, что именно подразумевается под этими словами, ведь, например, здесь может подразумеваться . Don goes as far to call Zen the worst case scenario for the Zen architecture, which means that things are only looking up from here.

AMD is obviously looking into improving the clock speeds and IPC of Zen , given the fact that those are the two mayor ways of improving overall CPU performance.