Hooge crater trenches

Hooge Crater Museum in Ieper, het beste privaat museum in Flanders Fields. Tijdens een bezoek aan de Ieperboog is het Hooge en dit unieke . Naast het museum is er ook een thema café waar de harmonie tussen sfeer en gerecht centraal staat. Dit gezellig thema café ligt in een historisch pand dat voorheen dienst deed als vroegere wijkschool. Men kan er genieten van een indrukwekkende collectie bewerkte hulzen( trench art).

Full scale reconstructions of war scenes, an extended collection of weapons, war equipment and photos make this museum to a true must-see!

The current building here housing the hotel is more or less on the site of the stables which once stood here. Since then the museum has expanded several times and now holds many of the finest WWI collections in the area. It contains a unique collection of First World War uniforms,.

Hooge is a small village on the Bellewaerde Ridge, about kilometres east of Ypres in the Flemish province of West-Vlaanderen in Belgium. The economy of Hooge is dominated by tourism and agriculture. Tourists are attracted . A path leads around a water-filled crater, along a network of preserved trenches. Numerous war artifacts were left in place in the grounds and .

A walk along the old German First World War trench at Hooge crater. The Hamlet of Hooge provided a tactically significant position throughout the Ypres campaign of the First World War, as such, this small, agricultural village found itself scarred by the intense fighting and heavy shelling it endured. Hooge Museum exhibits a superb private collection of . The above photograph shows a beautiful lake in front of a fine building, but it hides a very different picture. The Lake is in fact two enormous craters which are the result of Mines laid by the 1Tunnelling . Die lebensgroßen Rekonstruktionen von Kriegsszenen des Ersten Weltkrieges und die umfangreiche Kollektion Waffen, Ausrüstungen und Bilder machen einen Besuch im Museum sehr empfehlenswert. Während einer Exkursion im . Both for the tourist and the collector, this unique museum is a must when visiting the Ypres Salient.

In the cosy theme café one can also enjoy an impressive collection of chiselled shell cases (so called trench art) while having a snack or a drink. Good availability and great rates. Book online, pay at the hotel.

Trench,Belgium,The Great,Fields. The private museum is highly recommended because of its life-sizes reconstructions of war scenes, its extensive collection of weapons, equipment and photos. The New Zealanders endured a bitter winter here, with the Germans close by. Other displays include an.

This painting was designed for the New Zealand War Memorial Museum to show New Zealanders the true nature of the environment in which their soldiers had fought and died. Its explicit portrayal of the violence inflicted by the war provokes a feeling of .

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