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Income tax vertaling

Voorbeeldzinnen met ` income tax `. EN: revenue enhancement. Gerelateerd aan income tax. Gebruikers suggesties voor income tax : loonheffing . Engels naar Nederlands: Meer gegevens.

Accumulated Income , Verzamelinkomen. Act of the Education Allowances, Wet op de studiefinanciering. Act Work and Income for the Capacity to Work, Wet werk en inkomen naar arbeidsvermogen or “WIA”. Additional Assessment, Navorderingsaanslag. Advance Tax Refun Voorlopige teruggaaf.

The blender could also claim a refundable income tax credit or direct payment instead of an excise tax credit, but only for the amount by which the excise tax credit exceeded the total excise tax liability, i. Buitenlands belastingplichtige = Non resident tax payer. Boxenstelsel = Box system. Chronische ziekte = Chronical disease.

Combinatiekorting = Combination credit. Dieetkosten = Diet costs. Dubbele belasting = Double taxation. Eigen woning = Main residence. These subsidies can take the form of tax holidays, various forms of tax relief or tax credits.

For instance, schemes such as the Earned Income Tax Credit were subsidies offsetting low wages (gotta keep people consuming, even and especially at the bottom of the social ladder). Labour subsidies, including earned – income tax. Paid holiday – Vakantiegeld Sick pay – Betaald wanneer je ziek bent.

Tax attributes are adjusted when a taxpayer declares bankruptcy. Het wordt gedefinieerd als de omzet minus de kosten van gewone bedrijfsuitoefening, exclusief financiële baten en lasten en belastingen. This amount is used for the calculation of tax and national insurance contributions.

If you receive a pension for former . Is deze vertaling nuttig? Toevoegen aan Favorieten! Vertaling -NL(Artikelen 1-8).

Sweden: the national income tax (den statliga inkomstskatten) (hereinafter referred to as “Swedish tax”). Sweden” and “ company resident in Aruba” do not include any company which is liable to tax in that Party in respect only of income from sources in that Party. Onderwerp: Sociale Wetenschap Gebruiksfrequentie: 3. Kwaliteit: Wees de eerste om te stemmen. Income tax and other government charges on income.

Het is nog steeds niet duidelijk wat moet worden verstaan onder het onderworpenheidsvereiste (“liable to tax ” vereiste) in de definitie van inwonerschap. The Government has decided to ditch (= not continue with) its proposals for a local income tax. Did you know that Sarah has ditched (= ended her relationship with) Max?

To ditch can also mean to land an aircraft in . Some German media report that Mr Eichel is planning an income tax hike, but the Finance Ministry emphatically denied this. Commission likely to be lenient. But Brussels is likely to be lenient . The amount of zorgtoeslag you can receive depends on your income. The healthcare allowance reduces as your salary increases.

To see how much you may be entitled to receive back on a monthly basis see the Dutch tax office page on healthcare allowance monthly payments (in Dutch). On the trial calculation page from .