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Shimano duraace whr9100c40

Dit model is het meest allround vanwege de halfhoge velg. De Cis inzetbaar van vlakke wegen tot in de bergen vanwege de aluminium remrand. Bespaar kostbare seconden met deze lichte en aerodynamische wielen uit de C40-serie.

Domineer op de baan en weg dankzij superieure krachtoverdracht en laat je concurrenten kennismaken met pure snelheid. QR Skewer Length, 133mm. Deze carbon wielset voor draadbanden is stabiel, stijf en extreem licht van gewicht!

Controle en comfort onder lastige omstandigheden stonden hoog in het vaandel tijdens de ontwikkeling , wat heeft geleid tot veel rijgemak bij. Make and model: Shimano Dura – Ace CCarbon Clincher wheelset. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it ? Essentially, there are only two forces that that can slow down a racer : one is air drag and the other is inertia.

The idea behind the Dura Ace wheels is to minimize and work against the inertia forces with its aerodynamic features. Lightweight clincher carbon mm deep 20. A knife fight broke out when the new C40s landed at La Velocita HQ.

Plus I climb the most hills so I DESERVE these dammit.

The C40s are an all new design from Shimano , dropping into the . The tubular versions are listed as 37mm and 28 . It features improved drive rigidity and responsive acceleration thanks to its offset rim and wide flange hubs. The lightweight DURA – ACE Cseries is the ultimate all-rounder. Available in both rim and disc brake version.

This mm wheelset has an increase in rigidity for improved aerodynamic performance, while maintaining a comfortable riding experience. Doordeweeks voor 16u besteld? FREE delivery and in country returns available. Vyšší tuhost součástí pohonu. Tuhost a nízká hmotnost.

Ultralehký karbonový ráfek s Al. Lehké titanové tělo zadního náboje FREEHUB. Nejuniverzálnější zapletená kola. Vyrovnaná setrvačnost a . Zrychlení s přesnou odezvou. Buy the Shimano Dura online or shop all from CompetitiveCyclist.

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