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A film still is a photograph taken on or off the set of a movie or television program during production. The photos were taken by studio photographers for promotional . It stars Aidan Gillen as a grieving father who comes into confrontation with a youth gang in London. Tom Carver (Aidan Gillen) is a man stumbling blindly towards a. Still is a London based thriller drama, starring Aidan Gillen, about a man whose life starts to disintegrate.

Still ” is grijs, grauw, deprimerend en aangrijpend tegelijkertijd. Het laat zien hoe ieman verscheurd door verdriet na het verlies van zijn zoon, een zelfdestructief leven leidt en zichzelf laat meeslepen in een neerwaartse spiraal. Een uitzichtloos leven met alcohol en drugs als steun. De film begint dan ook met het geluid . For the first time ever, motion picture cinema film is now available for standard still photography and processing! Through inventive, deliberately confusing self-portraits taken in familiar but artificial circumstances, Sherman introduced photography as postmodern performance art.

Set in London this film is a haunting, deeply moving and disturbing film about the journey which, as a parent, we hope we will never have to make. Klaatu escapes, taking refuge in a boarding house, where he poses as one Mr.

There the benign alien gains the confidence of a lovely widow (Patricia Neal) and her son, Bobby (Billy Gray), neither of whom tumble to his other-worldly . G02A81Untitled- Film – Still -81. G02A13Untitled- Film – Still -13. G02A26Untitled- Film – Still -26. G02A64Untitled- Film – Still -64. G02A03Untitled- Film – Still -3.

G02A50Untitled- Film – Still -50. G02A34Untitled- Film – Still -34. We make films – all kinds.

The award-winning Polish cinematographer talks about the tremendous importance of still photography in creating his movies — especially his latest film , Ida, shot in luscious black-and-white. Still Moving: The Film and Media Collections of The Museum of Modern Art is the first book about these collections to be published by The Museum of Modern Art. Resembling Marilyn Monroe in her facial features and blond bouffant, the figure is starkly lit by the flash of a camera in the surrounding darkness.

Her pose is one of self- concealment and . This season, the Clyfford Still Museum is delighted to partner with Alamo Drafthouse to present films that relate to both the exhibitions on view at the Museum and the wider art world. These works are not directly derived from moving images but are single exposure photographs that borrow cinematic techniques, including lighting , . Virtually without exception, we process any and all still film ever manufactured. This page is sorted basically in the order of importance and underlined words in orange are links to further information .

CreativeFuture interviews Anne Marie Fox to delve into the life and career of a motion picture film still photographer. Carlos Eyles is een 72-jarige freediver en onderwaterfotograaf. Al jaar duikt hij onder in het blauw van de oceaan.

Bij het zien van de film begrijp je waarom. Foto: Still uit de film. Still Loved: a feature documentary film by Debbie Howard- Uncovering stories of love, hope and courage as families strive to rebuild their lives following a stillbirth. With regularly updated blog, fundraising, gallery and useful links pages.

Still Walking is een familiedrama dat zich afspeelt op een zomerdag waarop een familie bij elkaar komt, omdat het jaar geleden is dat de oudste zoon is verdronken. De bejaarde ouders wonen al tientallen jaren in het familiehuis. Hun zoon en dochter komen langs voor een zeldzame familiebijeenkomst, en brengen hun . De uitvoer moet uiteraard JPG zijn.